The first circular economy movement in Greece

The first circular economy movement in Greece is here! It’s up to us to change our philosophy and behavior, in order to protect our environment. Join us!

Just Go Zero is a Polygreen initiative.

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Our vision

Our vision is a wasteless world. In this world, nothing is in excess, and everything can be recycled and get a second life. In this world, we care about the environment as much as we care about ourselves, our good physical condition and our nutrition. Everything is connected and has value.

We are inspired by Plato’s saying, “Again from the beginning”, which refers to the deterministic condition that leads to “anakýklisi”, or recycling, as we call it today.

Our mission:

We put an end to garbage bags, rubbish bins in the streets and landfills. We install special collectors where everything is recycled and reused.

Our operation.

We separate

We separate

all waste streams
at source.

We convert

We convert

Everything that we used to consider as
daily waste into solutions for the
society, the economy and the environment.

We prevent

We prevent

and nullify pollution

We collect

We collect

we manage and recycle
special waste streams and
cigarette butts by
applying the
principles of circular economy

We train

We train

and raise public awareness
regarding environmental protection

Our approach

With careful separation
and sorting at the source

we collect

items and materials which are
no longer useful to us

With technologically advanced and
innovative methods,

we manage

materials which we return to the
society in another, ready to
use, form.

With targeted educational programs,

we inform and raise social awareness

towards a radically new environmental culture.

Who are we addressing?

Each one of you, all of us.

We work with businesses, consumers, local government organizations and public institutions, with the goal of creating a positive change for our lives.

Let ‘s all become part of the solution.


We join forces with top organizations


Cigarette butts. Just Go Zero was already put into practice.

In collaboration with restaurants and entertainment companies located on over 60 organized beaches
of Attica, Just Go Zero placed special cigarette collection bins and specially designed beach containers (ashtrays) for easy collection.

Cigarette butts undergo special processing and through innovative solutions and technologically advanced
methods are converted into useful materials for the benefit of the circular economy.

Stage I

Ash, tobacco and paper from the butts collected get separated
from the rest of the cigarette body
and are led to further management
in order to produce compost

Stage II

The filter is processed through mechanical
recycling and is converted into secondary
raw material, which goes back into
in the form of material
for new products.

Stage III

Almost 515,000 butts were collected
for processing.
Over 4 million liters of
sea water was protected
from possible contamination.

The programme lies under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Attica Solid Waste Management Organization (EDSNA).

The programme has received the bronze award at the 2020 Environmental Awards, category “Environmental Excellence to Public Sector”.