Just Go Zero ``Festivals``

Evia Film Project: Recycling, a matter of Culture

The Evia Film Project, as a new initiative of the Thessaloniki Film Festival, offered quality spectacle along with the opportunity to make our world a better place.

Just Go Zero by Polygreen, with a total of 15 recycling stations, collected and recycled at the Polygreen facilities a total of 34 kg of plastic, 32 kg of paper and 15 kg of aluminum.

Just Go Zero ``Events``

Innovation and Circular Economy in Athens DAO HACKERHOUSE X

The first circular economy movement Just Go Zero by Polygreen contributed to the Sustainability of the five-day Athens DAO HACKERHOUSE X conference of Esmeralda Events, which took place from 22 to 28 May at Innovathens in the Technopolis City of Athens.

The Just Go Zero App counted real-time the weight of materials at the recycling station and informed attendees of the quantities collected. A total of 84 kg of organic, 59 kg of plastic, 32 kg of glass, 14 kg of aluminum and 2 kg of paper were recycled at the Polygreen facilities.

Just Go Zero ``Events``

Just Go Zero and Nestle use circular economy solutions to manage all recyclables materials produced in Nestle’s Internal Sale Meeting at Goulandris Natural History Museum

Just Go Zero events plan to reduce the environmental impact of meetings, take over all material streams’ management, and forward them into a circular model- to be reused or recycled.

Just Go Zero ``Events``

The first conference supported by Just Go Zero in Greece

Polygreen and Hellenic Advertisers Association paved the way towards the first zero-waste conference in Greece,WFA Global Marketer Conference , the top global meet-up for marketing and communications

Just Go Zero will manage the waste of the conference waste to be recycled and reused, and will record in real time the amount of waste collected with the “Just Go Zero App “. This is how we do the circular economy in practice.

Just Go Zero ``Coffee``

We join forces and we build a better sustainable future by providing a better end to coffee.

Polygreen and everest join forces and paving the way towards a zero-waste world, starting from coffee. Tens of thousands of tons of coffee residues are produced every year in Greece, each of which releases into the atmosphere 340 cubic meters of methane, one of the most important factors that contribute to the phenomenon of climate change.

Just Go Zero Coffee is a pioneering circular economy program which includes the complete recycling and utilization of coffee residues. Through Just Go Zero Coffee, coffee follows a completely circular route and the residues coffee grounds come back to life without ending up in landfills.

The programme is in cooperation with everest

The programme has received a bronze and a silver award at the Boussias Circular Awards 2022.

Just Go Zero ``We Sea More II``

Technology and innovation against marine pollution.

Polygreen and Nestlé Hellas join their forces to remove waste from the marine ecosystem across the Athens Riviera.

This pioneer program is based on innovative technologies, that can detect, record, collect and utilize waste in the marine ecosystem. We manage to collect accurate data on marine pollution of specific coasts and then to the cleaning and restoration of the sea front.

The programme is in cooperation with Nestlé Hellas

The programme has received a gold award at the Boussias Circular Awards 2022.

Just Go Zero ``Cigarette butts``

In collaboration with restaurants and entertainment companies located on over 60 organized beaches
of Attica, Just Go Zero placed special cigarette collection bins and specially designed beach containers (ashtrays) for easy collection.

Cigarette butts undergo special processing and through innovative solutions and technologically advanced
methods are converted into useful materials for the benefit of the circular economy.

Stage I

Ash, tobacco and paper from the butts collected get separated
from the rest of the cigarette body
and are led to further management
in order to produce compost

Stage II

The filter is processed through mechanical
recycling and is converted into secondary
raw material, which goes back into
in the form of material
for new products.

Stage III

Almost 515,000 butts were collected
for processing.
Over 4 million liters of
sea water was protected
from possible contamination.

The programme lies under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Attica Solid Waste Management Organization (EDSNA).

The programme has received the bronze award at the 2020 Environmental Awards, category “Environmental Excellence to Public Sector”.