Find out how your company can benefit from JUST GO ZERO

Tangible benefits for the first time


you deal with one supplier who does
all the operation for all waste streams


you know where your recyclables end up


we provide a certificate that
your waste is delivered to our certified facilities

Our operation

We separate

We separate

all waste streams at the source providing our partners with the necessary equipment

We convert

We convert

everything through recycling and/ or special treatment

We train

We train

partners about the protection of the environment and motivating people to take action

We collect

We collect

all materials directly from our partners are transfered to our licensed facilities

We trace

We trace

and keep track of all our activities for our partners through monthly reports and traceable data

Materials that can be managed via our program


We’ve created the JUST GO ZERO App, which automates waste collection, processing and reporting for you

Measurable results
Quantities are measured and you get reporting per location, waste stream (category) and time period

You can trace every “transaction” (collected quantity, stream, location, time) from the time of collection through to the completion of the processing of the materials

Polygreen Culture & Art Initiative (PCAI)

A unique cultural initiative with environmental concerns

Being part of Just Go Zero your company can participate on PCAI’s creative synergies and work together on a series of cultural projects focusing on sustainability, CSR and employee engagement. This may include:

Co-commissioning artists to develop new artworks and projects on environmental consciousness

Organising educational workshops and events on climate crisis for your stakeholders and employees’ families

Organising contemporary art exhibitions and cultural events in your space for your stakeholders, clients, employees

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Metamorphoses, by Efi Spyrou, 2014