Just Go Zero: The first «circular economy movement» in Greece from Polygreen

Athens, 22 of April 2021 – Polygreen announces the creation of the first “circular economy movement” in Greece called “Just Go Zero”. Having Greek roots Polygreen is a global player in the field of circular economy and environmental protection. With the vision of a “zero waste” world, where nothing is in excess and everything is useful, Just Go Zero designs and implements innovative recycling solutions, targeting businesses, local government organizations, public institutions, and consumers. Its mission revolves around the change of culture through targeted education and raising social awareness. Zoe Dimitrakou, is the Ambassador of Just go Zero and invites the public and companies to change their daily habits and to actively participate in the environmental “movement”.

Just Go Zero is a small revolution for Greece, as it is the first important step towards a completely different mentality and daily behavior. Our goal is to move towards a zero-waste world, where nothing is in excess and everything is useful. In this direction we start working with companies that desire to be pioneers in this new everyday life model. Our next step will be public and private institutions and ultimately citizens. We aim for all sides to join forces towards a sustainable way of living that will align with the protection of the environment and the most modern legal framework”, stated Athanasios Polychronopoulos, CEO of Polygreen.

The first implementation of Just Go Zero, takes place through a platform for collecting, managing, and recycling special streams of materials, before they become waste, with their separation at the source. Thus, Just Go Zero prevents and eliminates pollution, turning materials and objects, that until now were considered daily waste, into solutions for the society, the economy, and the environment. Initially, the Just Go Zero platform will operate at a business-to-business level, by planning and materializing tailor-made solutions that respond to the needs of each business. Polygreen’s platform has already achieved measured results, for the collection and utilization of cigarette butts, an action which it has been awarded for.

“Taking care of the environment equals to taking care of ourselves, our well-being and our nutrition. One complements the other, just like the links of a chain. It is time to imagine a different world. A world without garbage bags and bins on the streets. We should think and realize that what is considered useless for us can be harnessed by someone else. Let’s develop together a new, more responsible and sustainable, practice of utilizing materials that we call “waste”, adopting in essence a new way of life. We invite everyone to become a part of Just Go Zero”, stated Zoe Dimitrakou, Ambassador of Just Go Zero.

For more information about Just Go Zero, visit the platform website.

See here the video of Just Go Zero.

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