How to participate in the Just Go Zero Tilos program

Accommodation lodge

Upon arrival at the accommodation, you will find informational material and special equipment for separating what you no longer need among organic, recyclable and non-recyclable materials

On the walk you will see that in the Municipality’s boxes the materials are separated into the same categories: organic, recyclable, and non-recyclable, according to the relevant markings. Pay attention to the correct division, as that is the basis of this program.

At the beach, you’ll take with you everything you need to deposit at the appropriate collection point of the public space or the place where you live.

For your shopping on the island, choose a cloth bag which you can find at the Zero Point Information Center on Tilos.

We will be happy to inform you or give you any additional information at the Zero Point Tilos Information Center, located in the square at the port of Tilos.

Accommodation on a sailboat or speedboat

Are you planning to sail to Tilos ? If so it is vital to know that this island is the first zero-waste island.
In Tilos, circular economy becomes reality through the innovative and pioneering program Just Go Zero Tilos.
Here we all recycle everything and give materials that have been already used a second life!
Bellow you will find the instructions for how to manage your waste during your stop or stay on the island

Divide the waste generated on board, into three different bags, as follows:
recyclable materials: paper, plastic, metal, aluminum, glass.
organic waste: food, fruit or vegetable peels, stones and bones.
non-recyclable materials: soiled papers, personal items such as razors, masks, self

You place the bags in the green wooden house that you will find at the port of the
island following the relevant marking.

While taking a walk, you can place the waste in the Municipality bins which are
divided into the same categories, organic, recyclable and non-recyclable materials,
according to the relevant marking.

For your shopping on the island, choose a fabric bag which you can find at the Zero
Point Information Center in Tilos.

Visit the Zero Point Tilos Information Center located at the port and learn more
about the program.

We wish you a pleasant Zero Waste stay