We are the first Circular Economy movement in Greece

We believe in a zero waste world, a world where nothing will be in excess, where everything will be recycled and be given a second life.

JUST GO ZERO is a pioneering behavioral change program based on 4 pillars: education, digitization, reverse logistics and resource management.

Under the expertise of Polygreen, JUST GO ZERO was designed to address to institutions, organizations, businesses and communities.

Just Go Zero is:



A one stop shop for all material streams



Accurate counting of recyclable materials



Circular material management in licensed and certified facilities

A few words about Polygreen

Polygreen is a leading company in circular economy, implementing some of the most technically demanding environmental projects, worldwide.
It specializes in reliable and cost-effective waste management and marine pollution innovative response services, when at the same time, it provides integrated and innovative circular economy solutions that improve people’s quality of life.

Through targeted educational programs and cultural activities, Polygreen aims to promote environmental awareness.

Our mission

We put an end to garbage bags, public waste bins and landfills. We recycle and upcycle all materials collected in our special boxes.

If you want to be part of a zero waste world, just contact us!