Run the Green Path

The first “green” Athens Authentic Marathon, with the support of Just Go Zero by Polygreen

Multiple activities for circular material management and recycling, aiming to reduce waste


Polygreen, along with its circular economy movement Just Go Zero, was the Exclusive Supporter of the Environmental Program of the 39th Athens Authentic Marathon, in collaboration with the Hellenic Athletics Association (SEGAS). Implementing their recycling activities from the OPAP MARATHON EXPO, all the way to the finish line of the Authentic Marathon, Polygreen’s campaign named “Run the Green Path” was designed to promote environmental awareness for a sustainable future.


The Just Go Zero activities began at the OPAP MARATHON EXPO, a sports exhibition organized in the context of the Authentic Marathon, aiming to minimize its environmental footprint. Just Go Zero by Polygreen undertook the collection of all recyclable and organic materials produced during the exhibition, ensuring their proper management.

As part of the collaboration with SEGAS, Polygreen used material of 141,000 recycled plastic bottles and produced 50,000 bags which were distributed to participants upon their registration to the event. With this initiative, a large quantity of plastic was saved which sets the goal for a more efficient and sustainable production model.

All visitors of Marathon EXPO were asked to support environmentally driven individual practices by recycling clothing and shoes they do not use anymore, at the special Just Go Zero recycling points of the exhibition. They also had the chance to enter a competition for 5 pairs of the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 sneakers! All collected items were promoted either for reuse or for processing into raw materials.


The Authentic Marathon

Polygreen collected all clothing left behind by the participants, at the start of the authentic race, an occurrence that leads every year to big amounts of clothing items ending up in landfills. For the first time, the Just Go Zero program ensured that all discarded clothing items had no environmental impact!

All collected materials were transferred to Polygreen’s certified recycling facilities, contracting party of the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation, ensuring that they are fully traceable and properly managed.

Aiming to develop and implement Circular Economy solutions and customized services to enhance sustainable development, Just Go Zero by Polygreen contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of businesses and events by undertaking the proper management of all produced materials. The first circular economy movement in Greece, Just Go Zero, is changing the habits and mindset of Greek citizens about environmental protection.