Just Go Zero Tilos

Welcome to the first island where the circular economy comes into action! Through the innovative and pioneering JUST GO ZERO TILOS initiative and the active involvement of residents, visitors and businesses, we’re giving a second life to waste produced on the island.
This way we’re protecting the environment and biodiversity, creating a new, green everyday way of life. We rely on the principles of sustainability and the values of equilibrium and harmony between humans and the natural environment and put the principles of the circular economy into action to make Tilos the first zero waste island.



Because tomorrow will be too late

The production and incorrect management of waste threatens biodiversity, burdens the environment, and intensifies climate crisis and its consequences. Any positive change contributes to a better and more sustainable tomorrow for the environment, as long as it’s realised today.


Because it can be an example of change

The change in the way in which solid waste is managed can accelerate the transition of Tilos to a circular economy, boost its self-sufficiency and resilience to the benefit of its inhabitants and make it a more attractive destination for visitors. Tilos serves as an example for other destinations, for more collective efforts, aiming at a world without waste.



Because circularity is at the core of our philosophy

At Polygreen we believe in the idiom ‘Nothing in Excess’ and affirm that nothing is useless and that everything can be utilised. We develop and implement solutions that reduce the footprint of human activity on the environment. That’s why we created Just Go Zero, the 1st circular economy movement in the country.


Today in Tilos, as in the rest of the country, a substantial volume of waste is produced that ends up in the island’s landfill, and part of it pollutes the environment and threatens marine biodiversity.


With Tilos’ inhabitants, organizations and businesses as our travel companions, we’ve set off on an exciting journey to a world without waste. We are developing an innovative system of circular management that will assist us in utilizing the island’s waste and turning it into raw materials for creating something new. We’re promoting a zero waste mentality and helping to turn it into a new way of life. Our goal is to make Tilos island a prime example of sustainable development and environmental management.


We are continually organising actions to inform and raise awareness in the local community for less waste and more sustainable choices everywhere.
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We actively promote the reduction of disposable plastics.


A new green everyday life, with everyone’s participation. A new community, an example for all.
A new awareness of circular economy and a better environment for Tilos’ inhabitants and visitors.